Soleil Aircraft Cleaning
Here at Soleil Aircraft Cleaning we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard when it comes to aircraft detailing.
We only use the finest products at an exceptional value and deliver unparalleled service. Our technicians are aircraft owners and pilots themselves and will treat your plane as if it was theirs.
We Will Meet Your Needs

We serve all airports in the greater Vancouver area, on Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley. Examples include Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB), Langley Airport (CYNJ), Abbotsford Airport (CYXX), Chilliwack Airport (CYCW), Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK), Victoria Airport (CYYJ), Kelowna Airport (CYLW). This is a partial list of our service area. If your airport is anywhere in the greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island or Okanagan Valley, we can come to you.
We focus on Single and Twin piston powered general aviation aircraft. We can clean anything from your two seater Cessna 152 to your 8 seater Piper Navajo.


Keeping the exterior of your aircraft clean has several benefits such as.

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Avoiding Damage

Mud, dirt, rain, and even grime can attach themselves to the surface of your aircraft. While you might not notice these at first, over time, the minerals that are in them can cause damage to your paint job. For this reason, it’s important to take time to have your aircraft washed on a regular basis. This will wash away those impurities. Even something like rain should be considered as damaging to your plane, as it can negatively impact your paint job if it’s not properly washed on a regular basis.

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Improving the Condition

Washing your aircraft will clean the impurities away from the wings and fuselage, to help prevent the deterioration of your paint. In time, this can improve the condition of your airplane and its overall longevity.

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Improving Safety

When you go for a flight, your windows, and even tires should be clear of debris. By washing your aircraft on a regular basis, you’ll never have to worry about these areas being too dirty to fly with. You’ll have confidence knowing your windshield and tires are clean and safe for your next trip.

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Improving the Value

Are you planning on selling your aircraft? Even if you’re going to do this months or years in the future, it’s important to do what you can to keep your plane looking great now. Regular washes are a big part of this, as they can help prevent rust, scratches, dull paint, and other issues that take away from the look of your airplane.